Chapter 641: You Two are the Main Act! Review


Chapter 641: You Two are the Main Act

Chapter 641: You Two are the Main Act! Click to read!

Chapter 641: You Two are the Main Act! Click to read!

The Setup

The 2nd and forth Hogake make plans for a counter attack, meanwhile Madara and the Hashirama are duking it out, because Madara can’t seem to get over his man crush on Hashirama. The ninjas are all afraid until Shikamaru gives them a pep talk. Sasuke and Naruto decide to strike first since the 2nd and 4th are busy making plans. They make another combined flaming Rasenshuriken and the 2nd and 4th teleport Obito into the attack. Sakura asks what they are doing and she replies that they are laughing.

Chapter 641 end

My thoughts

Okay so Madara needs to figure out exactly what he’s doing on the battle field, cause right now he just seems to be fangirling all over Hashirama. The pep talk to Shika was nice, and it was a good touch that everyone else seemed to understand just how worthless they were in this fight. I like the idea of Shikamaru becoming Hokage, I honestly think he would make a good one, but I don’t see him wanting to do the job. In his words it’s just “too troublesome.”

Next we have the fight between Juubito and the fantastic 4 as I now like to call them. So Naruto and Sasuke are like, man you guys take too long to plan in the middle of a war. I was actually happy to see the 2 of them basically say “F this! We’re gonna go attack now.” Of course Tobirama and Minato put there plan into action and pull off a nice combined attack. And no, I don’t think this was enough to take Juubito down. I hate it when you’re in a fight and all you get are talking points, I understand that to take on something this powerful you need to strategize, but no one wants two people standing around talking during an epic war. So I’m glad Naruto and Sasuke jumped the gun a bit.

So my big question here is where the hell is the 3rd?! We’ve got Tobirama and Minato helping Sasuke and Naruto. Hashirama is fighting off Madara’s advances. Where the hell did the old man go?! Did Kishi just forget about him? He summons all the Kage to the battle field, they kick ass for a bit, and then he forgets one?! And this is the Hokage we know the most about! Seriously?!

So Temari showed up in this chapter along with Sakura and Hinata. It was good to see them again, but there is really so much going on right now. I feel like we should do a “Return of the Jedi” thing here. You know, how they had the 3 battles going on at the end. The space battle with all the Imperial and Rebel Navy’s going at it, the battle for the control of the shield bunker for Endor, and finally the battle for Vader’s soul on the Death Star. They cut to different ones so that you weren’t stuck in the same place and getting too bored with what was going on where, and with your favorite characters.

All in all I give this chapter a B+

A good read but I want more.

by Gothic Gaara

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We discuss the events that took place in chapter 614 of the manga this week.

These were all the pictures that were available at the time, we will make an AMV later that has more images in it as a tribute video to Neji. Leave a comment, let us know what you think.

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