Shippuden Episode 323 Review

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Click to watch the full episode!

Click to watch the full episode!

Sadly, not as awesome as last week’s episode was, but it wasn’t too bad either.

There was too much dialogue going on at the beginning which almost makes you think this will be a talky episode, but those who have read a head and know whats coming in the story know better, and so we stick with the episode because we know badassery is afoot.

The episode picks up about midway through with it’s action. And let’s face it the episode is called “the five kage assemble,” not “the five kage show up and fight.”

So I went into this one not expecting to see a lot. Sadly that’s one of the areas that I think the Ninja Storm games shine better than the anime. You get the 5 kage fight, and damn do you get it!

It ends with more orless how the manga chapter ended with Naruto and “Masked Madara” (like we don’t all know who he is now.) headbutting into each other.

Overall I give this episode a 3 out of 5

There was lots of dialogue and explanation, but not too unnecessary that it served no purpose. All dialogue moved the plot forward, and at least it wasn’t moving at a snails pace like Attack on Titan is.

That anime is frustrating. Seriously, if you like the anime DO NOT READ THE MANGA! Please just continue to enjoy the anime, once you are current you will hate the anime for moving so slowly.


So the next episode will be the Jinchuriki fight and judging from the title, it will have a bit to do with bubble boy the 6 tails jinchuriki.

Please god stick to the story, we get it, you met him before in the anime, but you didn’t in the manga so please do not make a whole episode about Naruto coming to terms with having to fight this guy.

That’s all for now guys, I’ll see you again when I review the manga.

– Gothic Gaara –

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