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The crew sits down for a nice quiet dubbing of Ninja Storm 3 at Momocon… yeah right!
Come see what crazy trouble we get into this time at Momo!

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General Anime and tech news

VIDEO: Eva 3.0 Promo Declares “It’s Not Anime, It’s Evangelion!”

Alright so the 17th debut of the new movie has declared “It’s Not Anime, It’s Evangelion!” Along with this commercial there is also a six minute, 38 second preview of Evangelion 3.0 involving Asuka fighting a new angel in space.

So are you guys excited about the new Eva movie? Why or why not?

Do you think all the merchandise in Japan is overkill at this point?

What are your opinions on Evangelion?

“Pokédex” Makes Its Way to iOS in Japan

The Pokémon Company is releasing a Pokédex for iOS on Apple devices in Japan. The app uses 3D models similar to those in Pokédex 3D on 3DS, and offers information in six languages on Pokémon from various regions. It doesn’t all come with one single purchase, though. The base app offers info on Pokémon from the Unova region, and will run at ¥170 (about $2) when it hits the store on November 16. In order to get info on Pokémon listed in the Kanto Dex, Johto Dex, Hoenn Dex, and Sinnoh Dex, it’ll cost an extra ¥500 (about $6) a pop.

Is this a step in the right direction for Pokémon?

Would you buy this?

Is it a fair price?

Or I there too much Pokémon merch already?

Japanese Salarymen Keep Their Farts in Check with Special Undies

Okay, there was no way we weren’t talking about this. Here’s a story that I think hits close to home for congers across the world. Tech manufacturer Seiren is rocking in Japan! Especially popular among salary men, Seiren’s underwear suppresses that oh-so embarrassing smell thanks to absorbent ceramic particles. Seiren spokeswoman Nami Yoshida said about the unique undergarments:

“It took us a few years to develop the first deodorant pants that are comfortable enough to wear in daily life but efficient in quickly eliminating strong smells. At first we thought about selling them to those who require nursing care and to hospitals. But to our surprise, lots of ordinary people, like businessmen who are in positions that require them to see people on a daily basis, bought them.” In addition to underwear, Seiren also offers socks for smelly feet and shirts that block out armpit stank among their 22 odor-killing items. Be honest, could you use a pair or two of these?

What are your thoughts on this product?

Is it revolutionary or just another crazy product from Japan?

Should these be handed out at cons?

And finally would you buy this?

“Detective Conan” Movie Revealed as First “Shonen Sunday” 2013 Anime Project

This year’s 50th issue of Shonen Sunday promised a storm of 2013 anime projects outlined over the course of its next eight issues. The funny part is that they aren’t starting with something new like Hiromu Arakawa’s Silver Spoon or Rumiko Takahashi’s newest series Rinne. (Yup, all you Inu Yasha/Ranma ½ fans. She’s got a new one.) Instead, a 17th Detective Conan movie has been confirmed for 2013. More details will be outlined in the 51st issue, which come out on November 21st. (Yeah, Shonen Sunday comes out on Wednesdays, that made us laugh too.) The mystery manga has been running in Shonen Sunday since 1994, and volume 78 will be out December 18th.

Are you glad to see Detective Conan/Case Closed getting some love?

Think it should have been a different series?

 What series would you have picked for an anime movie for 2013?

A Fan Art Celebration of Crunchyroll Catalog Classic “Code Geass”

Crunchyroll hosts a huge selection of anime in their site, in an effort to let you know about some great shows that may have slipped under your radar they promote a new series for you to check out. (I don’t know if it’s weekly or monthly, pretty sure it’s weekly, but I’d rather not post false information.) This time they’re promoting Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.(If you haven’t heard of this series already, then I have no sympathy for you.)  Just in case you haven’t heard of this huge ass franchise, here’s what you need to know: A collaboration between manga superstars CLAMP and animation studio Sunrise, (You know those guys that do all the Gundam shows.) Code Geass features an all-star cast, slick animation with giant robot battles, teenagers, and school uniforms. (Basically everything you need to make your own kick ass series at home. Are you listening fanfic authors? Your welcome!^^) With 2 seasons, several OVA, multiple manga series, a truckload of merch that’s still being churned out today, it’s safe to say that Code Geass is one of the most popular anime that has been created in the last few years. As part of the Code Geass campaign, Crunchy collected some lovely fanart from the talented artists over at Pixiv for your viewing pleasure. Make sure to go to the page and check it all out, because it’s way too much for us to post in one blog. I mean shit all the Eva pics were crazy massive in the amount.

Have you heard of Code Geass?

What did you think of it if you did watch it?

If you haven’t is it something you might check out?

What would you like to se promoted next on Crunchyroll?

3rd “Berserk” Film Rated “18+” in Japan

Okay, so Berserk Golden Age Arc III: Descent, the final part of the Berserk anime film trilogy, is scheduled to be released in Japan in early 2013. And EIRIN (Film Classification and Rating Committee of Japan) has described it as “the film for adults” and rated it “R 18+” (for persons aged 18 and above only, No one under 18 admitted) due to “extremely strong depictions of sexual activity.” Basically this means Japanese youth under 18 will not be able to see the film in the theaters and probably rent the DVD of the film at the rental stores. The list doesn’t mention which scene or scenes fall under their rating policy. To give you an idea of what this means shows like, Smile PreCure! Ehon no naka wa minna chiguhagu!, Star Driver The Movie, Macross FB 7: Ore no Uta o Kike!, and 009 RE:CYBORG, are rated “G” (General, suitable for all ages.) Even the pessimistic short film Kyoshinhei Tokyo ni Arawaru (developed by the Evangelion creator, Hideaki Anno) about Tokyo and the world destroyed by the giant warriors is rated “G”. Honestly, I want to watch it now just because I wanna know what scene it is. I’m 30 and a perv, I don’t care.

Does this rating seem fair?

Are you suddenly more interested in watching this movie now because of the rating and the reason behind it?

Award-Nominated American Comic Artist Ignites Cosplay Controversy

Okay, so for those of you that didn’t know about Cosplay appreciation day or what really got it started, here is some info for you. There’s a notion that some people participate in geek media or events with the aims of gaining fame and attention. I hear it a lot this person is in this Cosplay cause they want attention. It’s even been said about me, and to a point it is true. I want attention when I Cosplay, but not to promote myself, but because I love the characters I portray. Which is when I started trying to garner attention for the podcasts, I started cosplaying less. Well, Eisner Award-nominated American comic artist Tony Harris, really leapt into that minefield this week with his comments about cosplayers. In addition to commenting on the feminist implications, the illustrator of Ex Machina and Star Man called out cosplayers for stealing convention goers’ attention for themselves, that otherwise may have been paid to artists and writers. The FaceBook rant that set off controversy stated, and I had to make A LOT of typo and punctuation fixes to this rant:

I can’t remember if I’ve said this before, but I’m gonna say it anyway. I don’t give a crap. I appreciate a pretty Gal as much as the next Hetero Male. Sometimes I even go in for some racy type stuff (Keeping the comments PG for my Ladies sake) but dammit, dammit, dammit I am so sick and tired of the whole COSPLAY-Chiks. I know a few who are actually pretty cool-and BIG Shocker, love and read Comics. So as in all things, they are the exception to the rule. Here’s the statement I wanna make, based on THE RULE: “Hey! Quasi-Pretty-NOT-Hot-Girl, you are more pathetic than the REAL Nerds, who YOU secretly think are REALLY PATHETIC. But we are onto you. Some of us are aware that you are ever so average on an everyday basis. But you have a couple of things going your way. You are willing to become almost completely Naked in public, and yer either skinny (Well, some or most of you, THINK you are.) or you have Big Boobies. Notice I didn’t say GREAT Boobies? You are what I refer to as “CON-HOT”. Well not by my estimation, but according to a LOT of average Comic Book Fans who either RARELY speak to, or NEVER speak to girls. Some Virgins, ALL unconfident when it comes to girls, and the ONE thing they all have in common? They are being preyed on by YOU. You have this really awful need for attention, for people to tell you you’re pretty, or Hot, and the thought of guys pleasuring themselves to the memory of you hanging on them with your glossy open lips, promising them the Moon and the Stars of pleasure, just makes your head vibrate. After many years of watching this shit go down every 3 seconds around or in front of my booth or table at ANY given Con in the country, I put this together. Well not just me. We are LEGION. And here it is, THE REASON WHY ALL THAT, sickens us: BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT ABOUT COMICS, BEYOND WHATEVER GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH YOU DID TO GET REF ON THE MOST MAINSTREAM CHARACTER WITH THE MOST REVEALING COSTUME EVER. And also, if ANY of these guys that you hang on tried to talk to you out of that Con? You wouldn’t give them the fucking time of day. Shut up you damned liar, no you would not. Lying, Liar Face. You’re not Comics. You’re just the thing that all the Comic Book, AND mainstream press flock to at Cons. And the real reason for the Con, and the damned costumes you’re parading around in? That would be Comic Book Artists, and Comic Book Writers who make all that shit up.

Can I firstly just say if you’re going to bitch people out and put on the holier than thou mantle on your Facebook page (which is view-able to the public by the way) That you at least type it up in word or something first so you can DO  A FUCKING SPELL CHECK!!! I hate wasting time redoing someone’s shitty post. Okay back to the actual story now. Needless to say, people were pissed. Especially Gail Simone; (Writer on Birds of Prey, Secret Six, Deadpool.) who called for a Cosplay Appreciation Day to refute the opinion. Just another reason why Deadpool is awesome!

So how did you participate in Cosplay Appreciation day?

Did you know why it was started?

How do you feel about it now that you have heard about this story?

VIDEO: France and Japan Team Up to Create Mind-Controlled Robot!

A team of researchers from France and Japan are developing ways to control robots using the power of thought alone. Seriously though make sure to check out the video for this. SourceFed recently covered a story similar to this where a man now has a robotic arm that he controls with his thoughts. (Link in the YouTube description below to that story.) So the medical implications are not only staggering, but already exist.

How cool is this new tech?

What would you do if you had a robot you could control with your thoughts?

Gaming News

Happy 60th Birthday to Nintendo Legend Shigeru Miyamoto!

We would like to give a very Happy Birthday shoutout to gaming pioneer,  legend, and awesome fucking man Shigeru Miyamito! Only Miyamoto could get away with dressing up like Link at E3, leaping out with sword and shield like a child at play. This dud is fucking awesome! From creating the original Donkey Kong to Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Pikmin and so much more, it’s a no-brainer to to take a moment to say thank you and Happy Birthday to the man who made our childhood so kick ass!!!

How do you plan to celebrate Miyamoto’s birthday today?

If you could send him a birthday message what would it be?

VIDEO: Promo Animation Showcases New “Record of Lodoss War: Successor of the Legend” Game

Okay I’m hoping that I’m not the only one who remembers how bad assed the Record of Lodoss War Series was, and yes I mean both of them. Classic RPG-based fantasy novels turned anime Record of Lodoss War are back in a new game. You can’t really tell from the exciting, animated promo video, but Record of Lodoss War: Successor of the Legend is a Game On online card game, currently in closed beta. Not really a fan of card games or online games here, but I loved this series and I am hoping this could lead to more anime or a rediscovery of the series by a new generation of fans. Trust me, if you like Lord of the Rings style shows that deal with Elves, Warlocks, Wizards, Dwarves and Knights. You need to check this series out!

Do you know about Record of Lodoss War?

Does this article make you interested?

BioWare’s Reaction to “Mass Effect 2” in “Black Ops 2” PC Copies

For those of you that didn’t know, the PC version of Black Ops II had a bit of a fuck up. When you open up the game and grab the second disc you would be surprised to see Mass Effect 2 instead of Black Ops 2. Let’s say you’re were one of the millions of people that sprung for a retail copy of Call of Duty Black Ops 2 on PC and you were all set to rush home and get going on the multiplayer that night. You get home, open the box and you start the install process, when all of sudden after being prompted to insert the second disc, you aren’t seeing the install continue, but the opening intro to Mass Effect 2, even though the second disc is clearly labeled for Black Ops 2. That’s what ended up happening to a few thousand people that bought the game during the Tuesday launch festivities for the game. While the actual reasoning for the mix up hasn’t been discovered and publisher Activision is remaining eerily quiet, BioWare is taking it all in stride and being incredibly good sports about the situation, by releasing the following statement and offer for those affected:

“Rumor has it that about a thousand customers who purchased Call of Duty: Black Ops II for PC today were also treated to a surprise copy of Mass Effect 2. If you were one of the affected, chances are you thought it was a mistake, but we prefer to think that it was an omen, and when the universe talks, you should listen. If the universe thinks that you should be playing Mass Effect right now, who are we to argue? In fact, we want to help! The first fifty fans affected by this phenomenon to send us a picture holding their special disc 2 will receive a code for a FREE PC copy of Mass Effect Trilogy. Remember, in order to qualify, YOU must be in the picture, and disc 2 of your Call of Duty: Black Ops II must be visible. Got it? Then send your photo to and you could be playing your very own Mass Effect Trilogy in time for the weekend!”

Just another reason why we love the guys over at BioWare!!! You know, aside from Mass Effect being FUCKING AWESOME!!!! With this offer being extended to those affected in a fun way, it goes to show that what could have been a PR disaster for Activision got turned into a golden opportunity by Bioware to sell more people on the Mass Effect franchise and cross over those players that may not have normally considered the game.

Do you think BioWare handled this well?

What do you think Activision’s response should be?

Senran Kagura’s Scandalous Ninja Go Mobile

The busty ninja of the Senran Kagura series are really getting around these days. In addition to their Nintendo 3DS game series, upcoming PS Vita venture, half dozen manga and winter anime, they’re going to Android and iOS devices via GREE’s mobile gaming platform in a “bursting boobs hyper card battle.” While a launch date for Senran Kagura: New Wave hasn’t been announced, fans who register early will receive a bonus, rare digital card. Also there are a shit ton of pictures, so make sure to click the link on the website to view them all.

“Jet Set Radio” Gets New Dates for PS Vita and Mobile Devices

As you may remember we covered a while ago that the Jet Set radio PS Vita game had been delayed for “necessary development optimizations,” but it’s finally time. Sega confirmed dates for both the Vita version and mobile devices today, both of which are set to arrive around the end of the month. PS Vita owners can take to the streets of Tokyo-to on November 20, while iOS and Android gamers can mark November 29 on their calendars. As reported earlier today, Jet Set Radio is also one of the launch titles for the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection on PS Vita. If you’re a member, you’ll be able to skate and spray for free so long as you download JSR from November 20 through December 31.

VIDEO: “InuYasha Final Act” Home Video Set 1 Trailer

All you Inu Yasha fans out there… rejoice!!! InuYasha The Final Act is set to be released on DVD and Blu-ray November 20th, (so just in time for Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, or whatever you choose to celebrate. I just don’t like saying holidays, deal with it!” Viz has posted a look at what to expect from the long awaited conclusion of the historical fantasy. 13 episodes are included. Blu-ray exclusive extras include bonus storyboard art, and the Japanese trailers. Make sure to check the website to watch the trailers before leaving your comments. But yes, we know, it’s about fucking time!

“Digimon Season 2” DVD Box Set Scheduled

New Video is following up their release of the first season of Digimon with a second box set, slated for March 26th, 2013. The eight-disc collection of the entire 50-episode run is going for $79.95. If you don’t know the synopsis for season 2 check it out on Crunchyroll by clicking on the link for the story on our website, cause I’m typed too damn much already!

So the question has to be asked, Pokémon or Digimon? (I look forward to the upcoming war.)

Out of Print “Cowboy Bebop” Soundtracks Reissued

Good news for all of you who were too young to get it, too broke, or just don’t know how this crazy thing called the internet works… The Cowboy Bebop OSt is coming back!!! Hell Yeah! One of the top sets of anime soundtracks is returning to Japan after a stretch of being out of print. And to make it even better the reissues are reduced in price! Yoko Kanno’s Cowboy Bebop is due December 21, 2012. Yes, it does have “TANK!” and “The Real Folk Blues.”

Best soundtrack in anime ever?

If not then what is and why?

Coming Soon with Kakuzu

Manga Recap


What did you think of this chapter, and what were your favorite moments?

Jump Alpha

Obito’s Full back story Revealed and naruto gets back to owning bitches!

What did you think of this chapter of the manga?

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