Episode 322 – Madara Uchiha Review

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Click to watch episode 322

Click to watch episode 322

So , if you didn’t know. The fillers in the anime for this year finally ended at episode 321 so you should definitely hop onto Crunchyroll and check out the anime starting there.

Now onto this episode.

OMG!!! This is why we watch anime. So much action going on in this episode and the animation was not the crappy Pein vs six tailed Naruto animation we saw before.

Madara shows up at the battle field and lays waste to every thing like I knew he was going to, but this is where I think the anime exceeds the manga.

The manga does a good job of being engaging and quicker to get through the story, and it definitely has just as much emotional draw, but when it comes to the action the anime wins hands down.

This is one of the times that I am not mad at the animation team for adding more to it.

In the manga Madara laid waste yes, but it was quick and focused too much on the attacks and Jutsus he used.

First you see Madara just jumping in using hand to hand and basic weapons, and just owning every ninja he comes across. This really drives it home that he has more than earned his reputation as being god like. And let’s face it, he is the best Sharringan user by far just by this episode alone. He doesn’t even put Susano’o out for a while and when he does he just starts massacring everything in sight.

When he does finally unleash the Rinnengan it seems he’s already wiped out half of the troops there. And when he does finally summon “meteor” it’s just because he wants to look flashy. And when the second one hits it’s made more dramatic by how hard Oonoki had to work to stop the first one and the after math.

In the manga we really didn’t get to see just how much damage Madara did to the shinobi forces. Seeing so many dead or injured ninja really brought the point across.

The conversation between Madara and Kabuto through Muu also seemed to be a way to help the story continue forward instead of a break from the action to explain what’s going on, and then we go back to the action. Or in terms everyone here can get. It didn’t feel like kidney punch, kidney punch, kidney punch, and pause… stomach punch style of fighting.

But this is just my opinion, and I want to know yours. So leave a comment and let me know what you thought of the episode.

-Gothic Gaara-

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