R.I.P. Neji 12/17/2012 Chapter 614 Review

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We discuss the events that took place in chapter 614 of the manga this week.

These were all the pictures that were available at the time, we will make an AMV later that has more images in it as a tribute video to Neji. Leave a comment, let us know what you think.

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2 thoughts on “R.I.P. Neji 12/17/2012 Chapter 614 Review

  1. This was my immediate reaction to Neji’s death.
    Rage Face: “NO, Fuck that! He’s not dead! Fuck That! This is Bullshit!”
    I didn’t cry though…..I’m too manly for that…..
    But most importantly! Hinata is alive!!!! Thank KISHI she’s alive.
    I hope you get a cuddly mudkip plush toy for christmas, that says “I love you gaara” and no matter how many times you try to destroy it. it comes back and gives you a bear hug XD
    Anyway…about the chapter…
    I hope the Juubi’s third and final form actually looks menacing! Menacing as in “HOLY SHIT THAT THING LOOKING FUCKING SCARY” and it should have a rape face.
    If Kakashi dies next he better take obito down with him!

    R.I.P Neji Hyuuga.
    You are now one with the force.

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