Episode 152 Show notes!

Podcast News

Switching to twitch tv steams starting on Monday

We’ve gone Halloween on Facebook

GMX this weekend we be having awesome interviews!

Anime News

VIDEO: FUNimation Previews 10 Minutes of “Mass Effect” Anime

Are you as excited for this as we are? Why or why not?

VIDEO: Latest “Senran Kagura” Anime Peview

Did this update and video make you more interested or less?


“Gintama” Crams as Much Moe Parody as Possible Into Under a Minute – UPDATED

Is this just another example of Gintama’s Craziness, or does this go too far?

What are you thoughts on Gintama?

“Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge” Assaults Wii U with Exclusive Features

Are you hyped about the new Ninja Gaiden?

Think it’s a good thing it’s coming out on the Wii U?

Why or why not?

Windows 8 Hits Akihabara

Do you have windows 8?

What do you think of it so far?

20th Anniversary Sailor Moon Figures Previewed

After 20 years what are you doing to celebrate?

What are your favorite moments from the series, anime or manga?

“Tiger & Bunny” DVD/Blu-ray Release Date Scheduled

Looking forward to Tiger and Bunny?

What are your thoughts on the series?

Are you gonna watch it dubbed or subbed?

Coming Soon with Kakuzu

Review of Neon Alley

Pein gives a review of Neon Alley… sort of.

Have you tried Neon Alley?

Whats your opinion of it?

What could be added or improved?

Would you recommend this service to anyone else?

Anime Review

Describe the anime.

Your feelings on the what happened to Pakura and Gari, and was it deemed reasonable?

How do you feel about the background characters getting screen time?

Did this episode feel like it blended in with the story or another filler that should be burnt with the rest?

Manga Review

Current Chapter

Did you like seeing Yahiko, Konan and Nagato again?

What you think when Yahiko told Obito to fuck off?

How did you feel about Obito summoning the nine tails on Rin’s Grave?

Naruto is becoming more bad assed as the series goes on, can he beat Madara, and can Sasuke even touch Naruto now?

Shonen Jump Alpha

Amazing color opening for this chapter what di you think of seeing the two Obito’s past and present with his former allies?

What did you think of seeing Obito/Zetsu back in action?

What are your theories about why Kakashi killed Rin?


You wanna know, we’re gonna tell you?

Be careful what you ask, you may get an honest answer!

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4 thoughts on “Episode 152 Show notes!

  1. So fricken happy sailor moon is in the news this week 😀 I so celebrate by watching my sailor moon super s box ser XD and I love neon alley 😀 I love Inuyasha 😀 So I will be watching inuyasha the finale act >U<

  2. Am I excited for the Mass Effect Anime? Here’s a better question, Is Commander Shepard the most desirable man or woman in the universe!? The answer is fuck the hell yes!!!! The preview was awesome! I will definitely buy this on dvd!….or….get someone to buy it for me as a christmas present!

    Liara & Shepard forever!!

  3. After watching the senran kagura anime preview, I have to say that my hope of it being more that what it obviously is going to be has been utterly crushed under the weight of its awesome boobage, and naked jello wrestling. And I say naked jello wrestling because if this anime has a scene about naked jello wrestling, I’m going to say this now. I fucking called it! Anyway, about my disappointment about this anime. It appears that it doesn’t have anything to offer me other than something to fap too. So let’s be serious, it most likely won’t be any different than Ikkitousen, Queens Blade, and Seikon no Qwaser in terms of bombarding you with “dat ass”, “Huge tits”, and a plot you probably won’t care about. Okay, enough rambling. I’ll get to the point. I am less interested in this anime as I was before. However! Tsunade should still make a cameo, and the opening theme should be all about boobs. I vote for ode to joy as the music for it.

  4. Did you like seeing Yahiko, Konan and Nagato again? Yes I did, they are an interesting bunch. I think their characters have been fully fleshed out now. So this is one last piece of back story for them.

    What you think when Yahiko told Obito to fuck off? Yahiko was just showing how much of a boss he was and his display of manliness probably made konan drop her panties while no one was looking. Now that I think about it. was Yahiko’s death already explained? Because I think Obito might be responsible for this death and with him gone he was able to convince Nagato and Konan.

    How did you feel about Obito summoning the nine tails on Rin’s Grave? Maybe it was somewhat symbolic because Rin’s is entirely what pushed Obito over the edge to join Madara’s cause. And it’s a sign that without Rin in his life nothing in this world matters to him.

    Naruto is becoming more bad assed as the series goes on, can he beat Madara, and can Sasuke even touch Naruto now? Yes to Madara and No to Sasuke. I can’t say that I know exactly how Naruto is going to beat Madara, now that he is no longer effected by the edo tensei and is mortal again. But he still has both a sharingan and rinnegan and he has susanoo too so how will he beat it? Perhaps with a convoluted plan involving kage bunshin, and biju dama and maybe with the help of Kakashi’s sharingan. Maybe Naruto can out maneuver Madara because he’s probably faster than his dad now. And doesn’t naruto have some kind of purifying power? Which was demonstrated when he first entered the war and started owning Madara’s cum stains known as the white zetsu’s and turning them into trees. What if he can do that half of Obito’s body. What if Naruto could stop Madara from using the 1st hokage’s mokuton jutsu’s? Madara can use it because he has the 1st hokages cells. Maybe if Naruto hits him with a rasen shuriken it might damage those cells because I remember Tsunade explaining that the Rasen Shuriken can damage cells after naruto used it for the first time on Kakuzu. Anyway about Sasuke, I think his most powerful jutsu is his susanoo. And I don’t see how that compares to Naruto’s nine tails mode. which can counter the combined power of 6 biju damas. And theres no doubt that Naruto his faster than Sasuke so his sharingan may not keep up. Unless he gets naruto under a genjustsu he might have a chance.

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