Episode 152 Show notes!

Podcast News

Switching to twitch tv steams starting on Monday

We’ve gone Halloween on Facebook

GMX this weekend we be having awesome interviews!

Anime News

VIDEO: FUNimation Previews 10 Minutes of “Mass Effect” Anime

Are you as excited for this as we are? Why or why not?

VIDEO: Latest “Senran Kagura” Anime Peview

Did this update and video make you more interested or less?


“Gintama” Crams as Much Moe Parody as Possible Into Under a Minute – UPDATED

Is this just another example of Gintama’s Craziness, or does this go too far?

What are you thoughts on Gintama?

“Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge” Assaults Wii U with Exclusive Features

Are you hyped about the new Ninja Gaiden?

Think it’s a good thing it’s coming out on the Wii U?

Why or why not?

Windows 8 Hits Akihabara

Do you have windows 8?

What do you think of it so far?

20th Anniversary Sailor Moon Figures Previewed

After 20 years what are you doing to celebrate?

What are your favorite moments from the series, anime or manga?

“Tiger & Bunny” DVD/Blu-ray Release Date Scheduled

Looking forward to Tiger and Bunny?

What are your thoughts on the series?

Are you gonna watch it dubbed or subbed?

Coming Soon with Kakuzu

Review of Neon Alley

Pein gives a review of Neon Alley… sort of.

Have you tried Neon Alley?

Whats your opinion of it?

What could be added or improved?

Would you recommend this service to anyone else?

Anime Review

Describe the anime.

Your feelings on the what happened to Pakura and Gari, and was it deemed reasonable?

How do you feel about the background characters getting screen time?

Did this episode feel like it blended in with the story or another filler that should be burnt with the rest?

Manga Review

Current Chapter

Did you like seeing Yahiko, Konan and Nagato again?

What you think when Yahiko told Obito to fuck off?

How did you feel about Obito summoning the nine tails on Rin’s Grave?

Naruto is becoming more bad assed as the series goes on, can he beat Madara, and can Sasuke even touch Naruto now?

Shonen Jump Alpha

Amazing color opening for this chapter what di you think of seeing the two Obito’s past and present with his former allies?

What did you think of seeing Obito/Zetsu back in action?

What are your theories about why Kakashi killed Rin?


You wanna know, we’re gonna tell you?

Be careful what you ask, you may get an honest answer!

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Episode 151 show notes and news links!

Episode 51

Post Show

Podcast News

Should we be seeking sponsors and what could we do to help our audience grow?

Honestly, what segments would you like to see us add and what should we maybe throw away?

Are you spreading the word online to get people to come and watch the show?

What sites should we be on to spread the word about KC? And would you be willing to post info from the show?

What do you think of the new website for KC?

Are you glad we post our news info early?


Please leave comments on the website because we don’t always see them on YouTube

Cute Cat Cardboard Cosplay

If you like cats make sure to check this one out! 

“Dragon Ball Z Budokai” Screens Compare Original and HD Versions

Comparing one side to the other, what do you think? Should this have been done or is it a waste of money?

VIDEO: “Sonic Jump” Trailer Forces Sonic to Stop Running for Once

Are you going to go out and get this? Was this a good move for Sonic? Are you tired of seeing him? Or should he just stick to console gaming?

VIDEO: “Toriko” English Dub Trailer

I’ve never seen this show, I know very little about it, but the trailer made me interested. Do you like the show? Are you glad FUNimation got a hold of it? Are you going to go buy it? Are you glad it’s being dubbed? Should it be on TV?

Amazon.co.jp Opens Online Pokémon Store, Offers Life-Size Pikachu

Is this a step in the right direction for Japanese retailers to possibly market regional items for other countries? What do you think the fair price should be for items from Japan? Is shipping too expensive? Let us know if you would use Amazon.co.jp to buy items, and if you have, what have you bought?

“One Piece Film Z” to Feature Singer Avril Lavigne

Is this really a good thing? Would you like to see more English artists involved in anime music? What would be your dream musician to do a song for an anime series and which series?

Latest “Hunter x Hunter” and “One Piece” Anime Movie Sneak Peeks

What are your thoughts on either of these upcoming films? Are you excited? Do you know anything about either series? If so what are you most looking forward to?

“Battle Royale” Audio Book Offered for Download

Is this something you would by, or do you need the visual for this to enjoy it? What did you think of the movie? Finally which do you like better Battle Royale or the Hunger Games?

Hands-On: Shueisha’s “Jump Book Store” Digital Manga Platform

Do you think this is good news for Japan? What ideas from this would you like to see used in Alpha? Is it a fair price, yes or no and why?

“Senran Kagura” Bouncy Ninja Anime Slated for January 2013

Do you know about this series? Are you looking forward to it coming to anime next year? Are you tired of Ninjas? Should Tsunade make a cameo?

PS Vita Version of “Jet Set Radio” Gets Delayed

How many of you even know what Jet Set Radio is? Do you like the music? What console is your favorite to play it on? And are you looking forward to its release on the PS Vita?

FEATURE: “Resident Evil 6” Review

Have you seen my play throughs so far? Do you like the Resident Evil Franchise? What is your zombie plan? Whose story do you like the most so far? Who is your favorite character in the series? Movies Vs. Games, who kicks more ass and why?


Crunchyroll Rolls Out 720p Support On PS3 App!

Do you use this app? Are you looking forward to it coming out on the 360? What shows are you hoping to watch on either console in HD? Is this a good move for Crunchyroll? Should there be a theatre mode, where you can hang out with friends and comment with them about the show as you watch it?

“Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3” to Feature “Dragon Ball” Costume

 Is this a feature you are looking forward to?

Does this even really matter?

Are you going to pre-order to get this, or were you going to do it anyway?

Naruto To Celebrate 500 Anime Episodes with Filler Arc – Chikara Force!

Dear god why?!

Do we really need more filler?

Hidan is back, is it good or bad?

Is this really how we should be celebrating 500 episodes?

Are the writers just trying to get the anime cancelled?

Upcoming releases

Click the images to pre-order

Anime Recap

Sai-tastic episode.

What did you think of Kakashi Vs. the Helmsplitter?

Do you think getting more story behind the sealing technique with Sai was a good move or a waste of time?

Were you happy to see Rock Lee back in action in the anime?

Manga Recap


Now that we know what made Obito become Tobi what are your thoughts?

How will this turn out for Naruto and Kakashi?

Is Madara the unbeatable god character?

Or did he screw up when he released himself from Edo Tensei?

SJ Alpha

The poo tastic chapter!

Where you glad to see some flash backs of team Minato?

Did you like seeing how alike Obito and Naruto are?

Is it possible for Naruto to have another heart to heart with Obito and stop him?

Or are they destined to fight?

Obito Trains while Zetsu shows his derpy side, what did you think of goofy Zetsu?

What did you think of the explanation about how Zetsu and Obito merged to become Tobi?


Screw the election, we are gonna talk about the issues that really matter!!!

You’re Naruto questions answered here.


You wanna know, we’re gonna tell you?

Be careful what you ask, you may get an honest answer!

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Episode 150 is up!

The episode had some issues at the beginning and had to be split into 2 parts. We have several guests on at the beginning of the show, followed by a long list of news. We have posted the links to all of our news and other content that we talked about below the 2 videos posted.

Here is episode 150 in both parts!

Reaper Wars:


Episode 1


Episode 1-1
Episode 1-2


NYCC 2012: Capcom Announces “Darkstalkers Resurrection” for 2013

“Resident Evil 6” Free DLC Features Co-Op for 4th Campaign, New Difficulty Level

“One Piece Film Z” Figures Preorders Set Sail

Aniplex of America Adds “Sword Art Online” Anime and More

Bandai Premium Unveils Sumi-e “Gintama” Posters

VIDEO: “He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe” Trailer

VIDEO: Naruto’s Masashi Kishimoto Sketches Famous Ninja

VIDEO: Happy Birthday to Naruto Uzumaki! An Interview with Voice Actress Junko Takeuchi!

VIDEO: “Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm” The War Begins Trailer

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Naruto’s Birthday and episode 150!!!

Naruto’s Birthday was just 2 days ago and we are celebrating it with lots of awesome Naruto News!!!

First up is the interview with Juunko Takeuchi

Next we have a new trailer for the upcoming Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Video Game!

Finally we are going to update you on some Shonen Jump Alpha news!

A live manga dub with SJ Alpha

Not a member? Go here: http://www.vizmanga.com/

And finally… birthday fanart!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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We are live!!!

Welcome to the new Konoha Corner Website! Does this one look better? We hope so!

Just a few things we wanted to cover!

The feed is down and it may be a while before we can get it back up.

We now do live shows over YouTube!

Here is one:

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